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International Speaker Bureau

Our Service

The quality of the speaker plays a key role in making your event successful. We as an international working agency have at our disposal a wide range of contacts for all leading celebrities including the very best “Movers and Shakers”, scientists, artists, sportsmen, politicians, motivators, strategists, adventurers and other extraordinary people from around the globe.

We help you to find the right speaker for your event and to choose the right subject matter. In addition we will suggest new ideas and provide all the necessary background information, check the availability and organise everything right down to the smallest detail with your chosen speaker to ensure the success of your event. We will be at your side to help you through the planning process from the beginning and our task is only completed once your event has finished and your speaker has been evaluated.

The benefits to you

You save time making enquiries and very quickly you will know the availability of your requested speaker. Even if you need a replacement for tomorrow we can help you.

Our partners

We are the German representatives of CSA-Celebrity Speakers Ltd, Europe’s leading global and local Speakers Bureau and we are partners in their global network of Speaker Bureaus across Europe, USA and Asia. It is our objective to help make your events run as smoothly as possible with the help of our wide range of celebrities and experts with the most up-to-date insights from the fields of economics, politics, the media, science, research, education, culture and sports and to give you the impetus necessary to accept new challenges and to create success.

Our Speakers

As an international agency we have a wide range of contacts for leading personalities worldwide at our disposal including: “Movers and Shakers”, scientists, artists, sportsmen, politicians, motivators, adventurers and other exceptional personalities. We have direct contact with celebrities such as Joschka Fischer, Wolfgang Bosbach, Klaus von Dohnanyi, Henry Kissinger, Hans-Olaf Henkel, Gertrud Höhler and more than 1000 other renowned speakers. You can find a summary here...

Our Clients

You can find a list of our clients here.

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