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Quality, creativity and fast service... global and local by CSA



CSA – The First Global and Local Speakers Bureau

Representing leading authorities for more than 20 years

With more than twenty Associates in Europe, USA and Asia we would like to present to you the first global and local Speakers’ Bureau. We have an extensive and in depth knowledge in the fields of economics, politics, education and culture.

For more than 20 years CSA represents leading management experts, businessmen, politicians, scientists and leading “Movers and Shakers” from around the world. Our speakers are “World-Class” and inspire, inform and motivate to give the inertia to kick start new business ideas and strategies.

CSA offers you outstanding resources. As a result of our existing lengthy relationships with leading authorities from economics, politics, education and culture and the top 1000 corporations worldwide, CSA is now a leading knowledge management company.

  • Go with new ideas in the new century
  • Benefit from our extensive range of leading experts
  • Secure the top speakers for your events 

Use our service for your success!
We offer you new ideas and concepts and assist you with their implementation

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