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Reordering the global economy?

The geopolitical situation, which has just become dangerous as a result of the war in Ukraine initiated by Russia, is not only shaking up power structures and causing international reorientation, but is also having a forced impact on global energy systems. Mobility and construction costs are exploding, government subsidies are being restricted, and climate protection requirements are becoming stricter. Not only the housing industry as a prominent emission factor, but also banks, architecture and energy suppliers must demonstrate sustainable innovative strength and the willingness to disrupt. How do nations or companies make themselves less dependent on imports in this respect? What does this mean for geostrategic considerations? Do we need to rethink global and societal change in ecological and economic terms? The following personalities deal with this complex of topics:
Prof. Dr. Joseph Stiglitz
Nobel Prize Winner for Economics, best selling author and most cited economist in the world. Since pioneering a new branch of economics ‘The Economics of Information’, he has continued to offer tools for policy analysts. He explores how markets are influenced and the effects of various circumstances on their success. Concluding with views on how performance can be improved. With humour he delivers the most informative of messages that convey the global economic context with ease.
Jeremy Rifkin
Internationally renowned futurist, social critic and best selling author, focused on the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, President of the Foundation on Economic Trends, advisor to heads of state and government officials in a number of countries. In one of his books, "The European Dream: How Europe's Vision of the Future is Quietly Eclipsing the American Dream" Rifkin deals with the future role of Europe in the world. He also rights a monthly column on global issues in many leading newspapers.
Dr. Bertrand Piccard
well-known explorer and holder of two world records: flying round-the-world in a balloon and piloting the first ever solar plane, capable of flying perpetually without fuel. He was also the visionary and driving force behind the Solar Impulse Project which created this solar plane.
Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Sinn
Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn is one of the most influential economists of Germany and one of the leading European economists of his generation.
Prof. Dr. Dr. mult. Klaus Töpfer
The former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Director-General of the United Nations Office at Nairobi and Executive Director of the UN Environment Program (1998-2006) left his mark on environmental protection policy in Germany. As a provider of ideas for a global environmental policy, for him worldwide environmental protection and the fight against poverty are inseparable. Since 2007, Dr. Töpfer has been Professor of Environment and Sustainable Development at Tongji University in Shanghai.
Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Ranga Yogeshwar
Ranga Yogeshwar is the head of the science department of WDR German TV and oversees the production of various popular science programs. As producer and presenter of some 1000 popular science programs. His main fields of interest include the popularization of science and the relationship between science & technology and culture

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