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Selected international speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Leszek BalcerowiczProf. Dr. Leszek Balcerowicz
    Former Polish Deputy Prime and Finance Minister & President of the ...
  •  Edouard Balladur Edouard Balladur
    Former Prime Minister of France, 1993 - 1995
  • Sir John BanhamSir John Banham
    One of Britain's Foremost Business Leaders
  •  Nigel Barlow Nigel Barlow
    Leading Authority on Disruption, Innovation and Transformation
  • Prof.Dr. Brian BatesProf.Dr. Brian Bates
    Professor of Psychology at University of Sussex
  • Dr. Robert BenningaDr. Robert Benninga
    Expert on Change Management, Founder of Mind Power International, ...
  •  Michael Bergdahl Michael Bergdahl
    Ex-Walmart-Director, author, motivational speaker
  •  Tim Berners-Lee Tim Berners-Lee
    Inventor of the world wide Web, Director of W3 Consortium
  •  Manu Bhaskaran Manu Bhaskaran
    Asia Economist, ASEAN Strategic Affairs, Director & CEO-Centennial ...
  •  Marcus Bicknell Marcus Bicknell
    Marketing, Communications and Product Positioning Specialist
  •  Carl Bildt Carl Bildt
    Former Prime Minister & Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden
  • Prof. Dr. Asit BiswasProf. Dr. Asit Biswas
    Founder of the Third World Centre for Water Management in Mexico
  •  Chris Bonington Chris Bonington
    Renowned Explorer, Mountain Climber and Author
  • Dr. Rodney BrooksDr. Rodney Brooks
    Expert for the topics robotics and artificial intelligence
  •  Boris Brott Boris Brott
    Symphony Conductor, Motivational Expert
  •  Marcus Buckingham Marcus Buckingham
    Best-Selling Author and Expert on HR and Management Issues
  •  Geoff Burch Geoff Burch
    "SALES COACH" "THE CHANGE AGENT" Highly Motivational