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Redner & Perspektiven - Die internationale Redneragentur | Redner A-Z
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Selected international speakers

  •  Edward de Bono Edward de Bono
    Leading Authority in the Field of Creative and Conceptual Thinking
  •  Joseph De Feo Joseph De Feo
    Global Electronic Banking Guru
  •  Arie de Geus Arie de Geus
    Former Director Shell Int., Bestselling Author 'The Living Company', ...
  •  Hernando de Soto Hernando de Soto
    Authority On Western and Third World Economies
  •  Catherine Destivelle Catherine Destivelle
    World Famous Mountaineer
  •  Jeroen Dijsselbloem Jeroen Dijsselbloem
    Former Eurogroup President and Minister of Finance of the Netherlands
  •  Soumitra Dutta Soumitra Dutta
    Professor of Business & Technology and Dean of External Relations at ...
  •  Esther Dyson Esther Dyson
    Internet Visionary