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Redner & Perspektiven - Die internationale Redneragentur | Redner A-Z
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Selected international speakers

  • Dr. Jonathan PalmerDr. Jonathan Palmer
    Former Formula One Racing Driver & Leading Sports Commentator
  • His Excellency Supachai PanitchpakdiHis Excellency Supachai Panitchpakdi
    Former Director General of WTO & Former Secretary-General of UNCTAD ...
  •  Nando Parrado Nando Parrado
    Survivor of 1972 plane crash in the Andes, Expert on Teamwork, ...
  • Dr. Richard PascaleDr. Richard Pascale
    Leading Authority on Organisational Behaviour & Best-Selling Author
  • Prof. Dr. Adrian PayneProf. Dr. Adrian Payne
    Leading Authority on Services Marketing and CRM
  •  Allan Pease Allan Pease
    Expert on Body Language, Personality types, Motivation, Alpha Thinking
  •  Don Peppers Don Peppers
    Partner Marketing 1 to 1 / Peppers and Rogers Group
  •  Tom Peters Tom Peters
    World Bestselling Author of Management Books
  • Prof. Jeffrey PfefferProf. Jeffrey Pfeffer
    Leading Authority on Organisational Behaviour
  • Dr. Bertrand PiccardDr. Bertrand Piccard
    Round the World Balloonist & Initiator of the Solar Impulse Project
  •  Marie-France Pochna Marie-France Pochna
    Leading Authority on the Luxury Goods Industry
  •  David Pollock David Pollock
    Expert on Cross-Cultural Communication & Management
  •  Faith Popcorn Faith Popcorn
    U S Top Futurist. Chairman of a Marketing Consulting Firm to the ...
  •  Bob Pritchard Bob Pritchard
    One of the Most Successful Marketeers in the World
  •  Alain Prost Alain Prost
    Four times Formula One World Champion