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Selected international speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Amin RajanProf. Dr. Amin Rajan
    Chief Executive of CREATE (Centre for Research in Employment and ...
  •  Fidel Ramos Fidel Ramos
    12th President of the Philippines
  • Dr. h.c. Anders Fogh RasmussenDr. h.c. Anders Fogh Rasmussen
    Prime Minister of Denmark (2001-2009) & Former NATO Secretary ...
  •  Rodrigo Rato Rodrigo Rato
    Former 2nd Spanish Vice President and Former Managing Director of the ...
  •  Frederick Reichheld Frederick Reichheld
    Strategy Consultant
  • Dr. Jonas RidderstraleDr. Jonas Ridderstrale
    International Business Consultant, Author & Lecturer
  •  Al Ries Al Ries
    Leading Expert on Marketing and Positioning
  •  Jeremy Rifkin Jeremy Rifkin
    Founder and President, Foundation on Economic Trends
  • Dr. Martha RogersDr. Martha Rogers
    International Marketing Strategist, Co-Founder of the Peppers and ...
  •  Jim Rogers Jim Rogers
    Investment-Guru, Bestselling Author
  •  Martin Roll Martin Roll
    Leading Strategic Advisor on Branding Excellence
  • Prof. Dr. Nouriel RoubiniProf. Dr. Nouriel Roubini
    Chairman & CEO, Roubini Macro Associates Professor of Economics & ...
  •  David Rowan David Rowan
    The leading authority on technology’s impact on business
  •  James Rubin James Rubin
    Former US Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs & Advisor ...