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Selected international speakers

  • Prof. Jeffrey SachsProf. Jeffrey Sachs
    Director of the Earth Institute
  •  Marian Salzman Marian Salzman
    President of The Intelligence Factory & Author
  • Prof. Dr. Oskar SánchezProf. Dr. Oskar Sánchez
    Former President of Costa Rica and 1987 Nobel Peace Laureate
  •  Jacques Santer Jacques Santer
    Former Head of the EU-Commission & World Bank & Prime Minister of ...
  • Prof. Dr. Mohanbir SawhneyProf. Dr. Mohanbir Sawhney
    Marketing Professor and Expert on Electronic Commerce and Technology
  •  Ian Scott Ian Scott
    Business Strategist and Authority on Leadership and Knowledge ...
  • Prof. Dr. Tomas SedlacekProf. Dr. Tomas Sedlacek
    International renowned Czech economist and adviser to the Prime ...
  • Prof. Dr. Amartya SenProf. Dr. Amartya Sen
    Professor of Economics and Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Peter SengeProf. Dr. Peter Senge
    Author and Leading Thinker on Organisational Learning, Sustainability ...
  • Prof. Dr. Jagdish ShethProf. Dr. Jagdish Sheth
    Professor of Marketing and Best-Selling Author
  • Prof. Dr. Robert ShillerProf. Dr. Robert Shiller
    Leading Expert on global markets and Nobel Laureate in Economics 2013
  •  Daniel Sieberg Daniel Sieberg
    VP, Technology & Innovation Thought Leadership Huawei & Former Senior ...
  •  Robin Sieger Robin Sieger
    Top Motivational Business Speaker and Author
  •  Paul Sloane Paul Sloane
    Author and Leading Authority on Creative Problem Solving and Lateral ...
  •  Claude Smadja Claude Smadja
    Managing Director, World Economic Forum, Davos
  • Dr. Javier SolanaDr. Javier Solana
    High Representative for the Common Foreign Security Policy (1999 - ...
  •  Scott Steinberg Scott Steinberg
    Top Technology Futurist, Renowned Business Strategist, Change ...
  • Lord Stern of Brentford Nicholas SternLord Stern of Brentford Nicholas Stern
    Leading Global Economist and Chairman of the LSE Grantham Institute
  • Prof. Dr. Joseph StiglitzProf. Dr. Joseph Stiglitz
    Former Vice President of World Bank & Co-Winner of Nobel Pize for ...
  • Dr. Gregory StockDr. Gregory Stock
    One of the World’s Leading Authorities on Genomics and Biotech
  • Prof.Dr. Merlin StoneProf.Dr. Merlin Stone
    Authority on Relationship Marketing & Customer Care, IBM Professor of ...
  • Prof. Donald SullProf. Donald Sull
    Professor of Management Practice at Lonndon Business School
  •  Henrik Sylvan Henrik Sylvan
    Expert on Mobility Strategies and Urban Development