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Selected international speakers

  • Prof.Dr. Jay GalbraithProf.Dr. Jay Galbraith
    Leading Authority on Organisational Design, Change and Development
  •  Sonia Gandhi Sonia Gandhi
    Leader os India's National Congress Party
  • Professor Stéphane GarelliProfessor Stéphane Garelli
    Professor at IMD Business School & University of Lausanne
  •  Elaine Garzarelli Elaine Garzarelli
    Superstar Stock Analyst, Businesswoman of the Year - Fortune Magazine
  • Sir Bob GeldofSir Bob Geldof
    Humanitarian, Pop Star, Businessman and Broadcaster
  • Prof. Pankaj GhemawatProf. Pankaj Ghemawat
    Professor of Global Strategy & Bestselling Author
  •  Yossi Ghinsberg Yossi Ghinsberg
    Adventurer and Inspirational Speaker
  •  Barry Gibbons Barry Gibbons
    Former chairman Burger King
  •  Rowan Gibson Rowan Gibson
    Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Innovation Thought Leader
  • Prof.Dr. Anthony GiddensProf.Dr. Anthony Giddens
    Head of the London School of Economics & Political Science
  •  Bruno Giussani Bruno Giussani
    European Director of the TED Conferences
  •  Daniel Goleman Daniel Goleman
    Psychologist, Journalist and Author on Emotional Intelligence
  •  Felipe González Felipe González
    Prime Minister of Spain 1982-1996
  •  Vijay Govindarajan Vijay Govindarajan
    Internationally Renowned Authority on Strategy
  • Dr Lynda GrattonDr Lynda Gratton
    Foremost Thinker on Human Resource Strategy
  • Baroness Susan GreenfieldBaroness Susan Greenfield
    Expert on the Human Mind and Renowned Brain Researcher
  •  Ruud Gullit Ruud Gullit
    Football Coach & Former International Player
  •  Sally Gunnell Sally Gunnell
    Olympic and World Champion 400m Hurdler, TV-Presenter
  • Dr. Anil GuptaDr. Anil Gupta
    A Leading Expert on Strategy, Globalisation and Emerging Markets